One new ritual that gives me all the feels.

I’m only a few years into this parenting gig. And only a few months into realising that I am jointly responsible for two childhoods. I’d only gotten so far in my thinking to get the babies’ earthside and then survive the first two years of having 2 under 18 months.

It seems that on the eve of my darling’s second birthday, I am emerging from the blurry depths of wherever the last 3 years have gone,  and realising hey! I’ve nearly got CHILDREN (as opposed to babies and toddlers). This is an uncomfortable and wonderful revelation. Anyway, I digress…

At Christmas time I found myself at our local op-shop (Goodwill for my US friends) looking for toys to recycle into our house that I can easily re-donate after my kids have played with them for the requisite few days, when I saw some really beautiful champagne glasses, those wide bottomed ones, with gold leaf decorations for miles (similar to the one pictured, but gold, and with white flowers on them as well, super cute). All 4 for $5.

Well, I trialled them at Christmas and today for Easter. And I tell you what. It may be a small ritual, tiny even, but it felt mighty good. As the four of us sat down to eat our bacon and egg breakfast this morning, after our inauguralEaster egg hunt, we clinked glasses full of juice. I couldn’t help but fast forward years and imagine what it will feel like in the future, and then rewind. All of this led to such a bubble of joy. This is what matters I realised. For me, Easter was made. The four of us, around our table, clinking old school champagne glasses filled with apple juice/milk.

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