The weekend is approaching – how to make sure you feel rejuvenated by Monday.

As we make our way into the weekend today, I invite you to consider how you are going to invest your ‘free’ time, all 48 hours of it, into making your life, feel better.

There are three broad categories to invest your time:

1.       Relationships with others, your partner, children, parents, family, friends.

2.       Community investment, volunteering, attending community events, supporting charities.

3.       Yourself – yoga, reading, surfing, walking, beaching, solo coffee drinking, having a massage. Whatever it is that fills up your buckets, is what you need to do, so that you can fill the buckets of those you love around you.

Of most importance though, is not how you invest your time, it is that you invest it mindfully. So that when we meet again next week, you feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to go.

To invest in your weekend thoughtfully, there are a few parameters to understand;

1.       You don’t need to do it ‘perfectly’. Whatever that is. This is a practice of living your best life. It might be that you overschedule yourself, and don’t get enough time for you. This is ok. So long as next weekend, you do it differently. When you know better, you do better, right?(Thanks Oprah).

2.       Notice any process enhancements that can be made so that you are brought together with your ‘tribe’.  For some, it will be process-improving how you manage all extracurricular activities that your family invests in (soccer, swimming, running, cycling), for others, it’s coordinating timetables to share brunch with your favourite friends. Or it could be organising your groceries to be delivered so that you can become one with your garden, or set up that stall to sell your wares at the craft market.

3.       Go slow to go fast. We tend towards busy. And as always, I am encouraging you to slow down. To rest and recover that body of yours. Our bodies are built for stress, but they need to recover in order to be able to do it all again, come Monday.

How are you investing in your weekend?

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