Mistakes people make when organizing Christmas.

In the lead up to the holidays, life can become turbo charged. I’m going to call it ‘Project Holidays’.

How to normalise the struggle – helping kids become more resilient

The thing about life is that to live is to struggle. Everyone struggles. We often rebel against the discomfort, shutting down, avoiding or dismissing the opportunity.

I just want to know my kid is ok and other unasked questions that hide within our grown up discussions

In all of the discussions I find, the person asking the question almost always has an unasked question hidden within their topic of discussion.

The nightmare protocol: A simple way to manage nightmares

During the course of my work, I regularly hear from people that experience nightmares.

Connecting with kids: A surefire way to get them talking

One of the most topical discussions I have with the leaders I work with is about connection. We talk mainly about leadership during these types of work shop, but invariably someone brings up their kids.

Estrangement: When you cease a relationship with a parent.

I want to talk to you about a topic that is largely not discussed. The breakdown of the relationship between parent and child.


One simple way to bring that spark back to your relationship. No matter how long you’ve been together, OR how stressed and busy you are.

Have you ever scrolled through social media pages and seen a couple around your age and stage, who are laughing and having fun?

Mistakes people make when organizing Christmas.

In the lead up to the holidays, life can become turbo charged. I’m going to call it ‘Project Holidays’.

Fighting with your partner? It’s pretty shit isn’t it. 3 simple ways to hold positive sentiment towards your partner.

Those of us in long term relationships understand the levels of growth required in order for us to be able to stay together harmoniously.

Toxic Relationships: Got one? This may help.

I’ve centred my blog around relationships. I’ve purposely called out the element of ‘work’ that is required for a successful long term relationship, whomever that relationship refers to.

My partner had an affair: When is the best time for Couples Counselling?

Last week I attended a 2 day training session for clinicians working with couples in the Gottman Institute method. It surpassed my expectations.

On civil rights. An invitation to a conversation for those who are considering voting ‘no’ in the same sex marriage plebiscite in Australia

In Australia there is a burning civil rights issue at play. Actually there are a few, but there is one in particular on my mind.


Finding your Tribe: Here’s how you know if you have found them

When you’ve got your tribe, you’ve got all three things. Belonging, Being Noticed and Being Witnessed.

You want to make a new friend- your new ‘friend’ doesn’t. Hashtag Ouch.

Social interactions are always underpinned by multi-layers of social and internal cues, previous history, current feelings and stage of life.

One easy way to avoid being ‘slimed’ during a conversation with a friend

Have you ever felt that feeling of being ‘slimed’ after talking with a friend?

Finding your tribe: Why it’s so important.

Here’s my thoughts on finding your/my way ‘home’ to your tribe:

How do I know when it’s time to end a friendship? One person shares their story

A friendship she has treasured and deeply invested in, is ending, and it’s the right call.


Blowing it up versus feeling powerful

Are you the kind of person who folds themselves into a smaller space to make room for other people on public transport?

The Drier and the Chicken: Helpful Analogies for the Busy

Hello! So you have all been incredibly supportive of my foray into photos and being styled/dressed for the launch of Project Strength. I’m incredibly grateful. Thank you.

The launch of Project Strength: An experiment. Join me?

Today feels like the beginning. For the past 12 months I have been finding my feet in the online world of building a brand, which is essentially a question about me. Who am I?

The Circle Analogy; Separating other’s experiences from your own

I work a lot with groups of clients. Very often these groups comprise of leaders and quite regularly they are a mix of people leaders and team members.

You can go your own way. Here’s some supportive ideas.

We spend our childhoods being shaped by the family and community system that we live in.

The Art of Perspective Taking

When we have a problem and feel a sense of threat we become narrower in our thinking. Partly as a protective mechanism and partly to gain a sense of black and white control.

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